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Dr. Jackie Volk Zusia CEO

Dr. Jackie Volk

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Zusia® finds resources and personal services for adults, children and caregivers who live life with medical illness and disability. Practical resources. Intellectual resources.Social resources.

Zusia® is our country’s first comprehensive resource center for people who live with medical illness and disability. Services for daily life. Reliable and usefull information.Concerned and knowledgeable community. All of Zusia's® resources are easily affordable, and much of what we offer is free.

Free Silver Membership includes free access to the Zusia® app and to our Community Forum. Free Silver Membership also brings you practical information that arrives with Zusia's® newsletter. Interested in research? Our free BlogSearch articles communicate important information in language that is easily read. Zusia's® certified Service Providers will be available to adults and children with disabilities.

Gold Membership costs less than 70¢ a day, and will provide referrals to vetted Service Providers in our Service Referral Center. If you wish, there are Zusia® certified Service Providers who will come to your home or office. You no longer have to travel to receive skilled, personal services.

A dedicated member of Zusia's® diverse, multi-lingual Team personally welcomes each new Gold Member. All Gold Members are offered personal contact information so that questions can be easily asked and answered.

All of the resources that accompany Silver Membership are free. And, if you want Gold Membership, nothing costs more than might pay for a daily cup of coffee from your favorite spot. Yes, our resources are unique... and so is our CEO, Dr. Jackie Volk. Zusia® evolved from Dr. Jackie's personal experience with medical illness and disability, not from a text book or a business plan.

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Dr. Jackie recognized the significance of accessible resources during the decades she spent as a wife, mother, clinical psychologist and municipal human rights commissioner.

Zusia® wasn't formed from the aspirations of a business school graduate but, rather, from the struggles in Dr. Jackie's life and from the fulfillment of her dreams.Dr. Jackie created Zusia® to provide people with disabilities easy access to organized resources and respectful service.

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Emotional Security: A Retractable Anchor Involuntary sterilization of Americans with disability

My mother loved the summer camp she remembered from her childhood so, each year in June, I was sent off to embrace her memories. The camp was located near a lake named Catherine, a name that means innocent. The lake was welcoming, but like other deceptively innocent surfaces, the water could be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. A small group of… Continue Reading...

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