What Is A BlogSearch? (Research And Statistics – Yes, There’s Good News!)

BlogSearch is an intellectual resource for people who live with medical illness and disability, and for those who share personal or professional relationships with us. BlogSearch is a new form of communication that integrates personal experience and research data. BlogSearch reflects Dr. Jackie's belief that knowledge is the most important “assistive device”.

The name “BlogSearch” combines the words “blog” and “(re)search”. Each BlogSearch explores the experiences of people with disability, incorporating knowledge from traditional sources of scholarship within a modern anecdotal blog. The subjects for BlogSearch span the physical and social sciences, addressing issues of public policy, human development, practical skills, discrimination, and notable achievement.

Dr. Jackie, a clinical psychologist and a cancer survivor with disability, writes each BlogSearch. Educated in research design and methodology as a graduate student at Northwestern University Medical School, Dr. Jackie makes it easy to understand “hard” research data.

BlogSearch is a catalyst for thought and meaningful discussion. It’s a source of information and ideas that can be interpreted from different perspectives, including your own. The subjects in BlogSearch are chosen for their importance to people who live with disabilities. Yet, disability is integral to the life process, part of the vast range of human experience. We want our BlogSearch to reach beyond the community of people with disabilities to the diverse human community in which we all hold membership.

Let us know if you want a BlogSearch researched and written about a topic that's personally important to you. It’s easy to make this request. Just click on “BlogSearch Request” underneath the “About” tab on the Home page. If your topic is selected, Zusia® will research, write and post a BlogSearch on the issue you've identified. We'll send you a copy of the BlogSearch with a personal message from Dr. Jackie.

We want our BlogSearch to encourage ongoing discussion, and we hope that you'll share your reactions with us.BlogSearch intersects with Zusia's® on-line Community Forum to encourage your opinions and reactions.Dr. Jackie regularly reads Zusia's® Forum and responds to selected issues.

Please share your thoughts, experiences and issues. We look forward to hearing from you and learning from you. Together, our community can grow in understanding and other strengths.


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