About Our Company

Zusia®  is the country’s first comprehensive resource center for people who live with medical illness and disabilities. We find the practical resources and services providers that you need or want.

You've found a different kind of company! Read Zusia®  to learn why. We believe that access to resources is a human right, so all of our resources are either free or easily affordable. See our Services page to learn about our unique personal services.  

Here’s another difference. There's a real person with a disability behind the computer. I’m Dr. Jackie Volk, the company’s CEO. Educated in research at Northwestern University Medical School, I have the skills to tell the difference between good information and good advertising.  Take a look at my free BlogSearch where I analyze research data so it's easily understood, and discuss important issues related to disability.   If you have a question or concern, I'll research it for you and publish my response. And, I'll do it for free. My professional knowledge comes from a university, but my knowledge of disability comes from a very different source---- my personal life. I’m a wife, mother, psychologist, communications consultant, and human rights activist who is Chairperson of a municipal human rights commission.  And, I am a cancer survivor who uses a wheelchair. Read "About Dr. Jackie" if you want to know more about my experience with illness, disability---and the rest of my good life!

My company is different because it's better. If you want to test my promise, Contact Dr. Jackie.  You've found the only CEO who personally answers email, phone calls and letters!