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Cleaning services are helpful if physical limitations make housekeeping difficult or if professional and social obligations restrict your available time. A clean and organized home protects the safety of people with disabilities. By removing clutter, cleaning services can minimize the risk of falls and increase the chances of a successful evacuation from the home in the event of a fire or other emergency. A housekeeper's vigilance about sanitation can protect people with health- related disabilities. A housekeeper can also be a formal or informal companion to a person with physical disabilities who spends considerable time at home.

House cleaners usually work as individual housekeepers or as members of a small team.Although different people have different standards, housekeeping is an essential activity for a home that is sanitary and safe.

Standard cleaning tasks in a home include :

  • dusting
  • vacuuming
  • dry and wet mopping of floors
  • cleaning glass surfaces
  • making beds
  • laundry
  • polishing brass, silver, wood
  • collecting and removing garbage

House cleaners can help with other household tasks such as organization, cooking, driving, sewing, pet care and child care. Housekeepers also perform administrative tasks. They can supervise other employees , anticipate a need for supplies, and identify problems with household equipment. Housekeepers can contribute to the basic safety of a home. For example, the regular replacement of carbon dioxide and fire alarm batteries can be incorporated into a list of regularly scheduled household tasks. Electrical equipment can be routinely inspected and replaced. Residential electrical fires are a major source of physical injury and property damage.

Housekeeping creates a pleasantly clean environment for everyone. But, cleanliness is particularly important for people who have disabilities as a result of medical illness. People with health-related disabilities may be especially vulnerable to “germs”. Viruses and bacteria are spread through the air, dirty dishes and dirty clothing. People who visit a home with contagious illness can also be a source of disease.

Housekeeping is an important factor in creating a safe environment for people with disabilities. Mobility is a critical issue in emergencies for people who use wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistive devices. An organized environment will make evacuation much easier by removing clutter and creating clear, unobstructed paths to doors and windows.Unobstructed paths are also helpful to first responders.

Regular housekeeping prevents injury through the early identification of risks. More than half of all falls happen at home. Minimal clutter, and removal of scatter rugs, can protect an individual from falls. Electrical fires can be prevented through early identification of cords, outlets, and appliances that need to be replaced.

Cleaning services can be vital for people with physical disabilities. House cleaners can offer companionship or indirect social stimulation to people who rarely leave their homes. A safe, clean, and attractive home communicates a welcoming spirit to all, and is an environment where family and friends want to visit.

*Service Providers who are certified by the Disability Know-It-All LLC have successfully met the requirements of our assessment process and successfully participate in our company's education program.
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