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Electricians are licensed professionals who install and maintain electrical pathways in the home and elsewhere.  Electrical power is important  for health and comfort. It is particularly helpful to people with disabilities who use electrically powered assistive devices, communication equipment and medical equipment. Electrical power also carries risk, and is a major source of personal injuries and residential property damage.  Standard safety precautions should be used and, for people with disabilities, special consideration should be given to safety plans.  These plans include evacuation plans, and issues of accessibility and management in the use of safety equipment.

Electricians are licensed professionals who can literally light up your life and make it hum! Guided by regulatory requirements and professionally recognized standards that are expressed in the National Electrical Code (NEC), electricians are responsible for the safe installation and maintenance of electrical pathways. They install and maintain wires, pipes, circuit breakers, transformers, outlets and other equipment. Permits and inspections may be required for new and updated electrical work.A homeowner should be aware of an electrician’s credentials, including licensing, and should use qualified electricians for all electrical work.

At home, electrical power makes your small and large electrical appliances function, illuminates your rooms when you touch a switch, and adjusts the temperature when you feel too warm or too cold. Electricians are of particular importance to people with disabilities who use electrically powered assistive devices, communication equipment and medical equipment.

 Safety is a critical issue in electrical work. Residential fires are often caused by wiring defects. It is equally important for homeowners to be attentive to the safe maintenance of their electrical equipment. Defective light fixtures, bulbs, plugs, receptacles and switches are major causes of residential electrical fires. Overloaded circuits and extension cords are other frequent causes of electrical fires. Electricians should inspect homes to determine the adequacy of their circuits and wall outlets.

Homeowners should devise safety plans in the event of an electrical fire. Electrical fires can spread very quickly.  In addition to standard precautions, homeowners with disabilities should be aware of the accessibility and management of their safety and communication equipment. Limitations that are associated with disability should be carefully considered. People with disabilities and their caretakers should create and regularly practice evacuation plans.

Electricians are instrumental in creating comfortable and functional homes. They are valuable for people with disabilities who use electrically powered equipment and assistive devices. Safety issues are critical to electrical installations and maintenance procedures.  People with disabilities need to evaluate their risks within the context of their disability, and devise effective safety plans.

*Service Providers who are certified by the Disability Know-It-All LLC have successfully met the requirements of our assessment process and successfully participate in our company's education program.
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