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 Paint is useful, a practical way to protect materials from corrosion. Paint colors also contribute to an attractive living environment that can increase opportunities for socialization . Color influences mood, and can be particularly important to people with disabilities who spend a lot of time indoors,  Color choice also influences spatial orientation and behavior. A good choice of color can enhance food choices and medication compliance. The eye perceives about 7,000 colors!


A painter prepares surfaces, and the areas that surround these surfaces, for the application of paint and other substances.There are different kind of painters, and they work under different conditions, using material that includes wood, metal, and manufactured objects. Paint protects these materials from corrosion and other forms of natural damage.When a painter selects materials, s/he is guided by issues of personal and environmental safety as well as aesthetics. Commonly used safety equipment includes glasses, safety shoes, gloves, hard hats and hearing protection.

 Color is a vital consideration in paint choices. Research supports the role of color in communicating information, influencing emotions, and impacting productivity.The importance of color is reflected in research on medication compliance in older patients, a group in which disabilities are over-represented. Patients are more likely to take their medications if they have a cheerful color. Medication errors are also influenced by color. When the color of a medication corresponds to its intended purpose, errors decrease because patients are better able to identify their medication. The color blue, for example, is associated with medications that induce sleep and relaxation.

Color has an important role in nutritional status because it influences food intake. Blue, for example, tends to suppress appetite. The colors of red and yellow tend to stimulate appetite. Nutrition can serve as a risk factor or as a protective factor in people with disabilities, a group that experiences more difficulties in eating. Research documents the vulnerability of people with developmental disabilities to medical disorders that are associated with poor nutrition. Malnutrition can create secondary medical problems, and these problems can contribute to the creation of further problems. Good nutrition can prevent the development of such problems, or improve a secondary problem if it occurs.

The choice of paint color can influence the functioning of patients with neurological disabilities. The results of research in neuro-psychology support the direct and indirect role of color. Color helps patients with neurological disabilities as a result of brain damage to maintain a sense of spatial orientation. Orientation is associated with lower stress levels.

The selection of paint color can be especially important for people with disabilities who tend to spend more time in interior settings. Colors are critical elements in interior design. Bright yellow, for example, might be the wrong choice for a bedroom, hallway or sitting area for sighted people. Bright colors are visually irritating because they reflect larger amounts of light than more muted colors.

The choice of paint color in health care facilities influences patients, particularly those with neurological disabilities. The white expanses of traditional health care settings tends to be disorienting. Colors help vulnerable patients to remain oriented.

The colors that painters use in your home can contribute to a sense of well-being, providing a helpful balance between stimulation and comfort. Color is especially significant to people with disabilities who spend a great deal of time indoors.


*Service Providers who are certified by the Disability Know-It-All LLC have successfully met the requirements of our assessment process and successfully participate in our company's education program.
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