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Through my BlogSearch, you'll learn about my experiences with medical illness and disability and about the experiences of many other people. Each BlogSearch is written to give you maximum information in minimum time.An original BlogSearch is posted weekly at 8pm on Saturday nights. A complete BlogSearch can be read in less than 10 minutes!
Blogs are supposed to be brief, so let me briefly tell you about my new BlogSearch.
There's something magical about research (for those of us who enjoyed reading dictionaries as children!). Research is like taking a trip to another culture but, instead of using a car or an airplane for transportation, you use a number. These numbers are called statistics.
Yes, a number, like in math. But, don’t worry. I was trained in research as a doctoral student at Northwestern University Medical School. I can tell you what the numbers mean in everyday language. (You’re doing ok so far, aren’t you?)
Numbers are also a type of foreign language. The numbers that you find in research tell the stories of many experiences, and this information is translated into numbers ("data").


Unfortunately, many scientists communicate like members of a private, exclusive club, using language like a secret handshake. Membership in the "Ph.D. Club" is often necessary to understand the information in a professional journal article. (By the way, my induction into the academic honor society of Phi Beta Kappa included a secret handshake. Really!)


So, here’s the good news: I belong to the "Club"! Yes, I survived the initiation rite of a dissertation and received my Ph.D. from Northwestern University.

My BlogSearch translates fancy research language into language that's easy to understand. Here are a few words of fancy research language translated into regular English:

  • data: numbers that give you information
  • hypothesis: a researcher's best guess about something
  • literature review: a summary of research findings
  • statistical analysis: using numbers to figure something out
  • statistical significance: the chance that a research finding is accurate information rather than a lucky guess.

Check out my BlogSearch. It gives you hard facts about disability--- and an easy read. Zusia® speaks your language!


Zusia® offers a new Community Forum. It's a special place where people who live with medical illness and disabilities---and those who care about us---- can share experiences. You can discuss issues related to disability.You can begin a new discussion on whatever topic is important to you. You can respond to the information and ideas that you find in my BlogSearch.

The Community Forum is a way to share what's significant---facts and issues, experiences and opinions .Most importantly,  Zusia's® Community Forum helps you to build and sustain relationships.