Brian’s positions with Zusia and international investment bank Morgan Stanley were preceded by academic honors won on three continents!If you contact Zusia to ask a question of Brian, you can count on receiving an accurate answer.Need help in finding practical resources? Brian works without rest until he reaches his goal.

Brian's involvement with Zusia represents his interest in advocacy on behalf of the community of people with disabilities.His role as an advocate began informally when, during his childhood, Brian represented the interests of his devoted and disabled mother.

Brian's life journey is motivated by a commitment to issues of economic justice, and he is traveling toward a career in international finance from his experiences as a scholarship student in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Scoring in the top 5% of examination registrants, Brian was recognized by England’s University of Cambridge with Distinction in English Literature (O Level). Remarkably, the young man who achieved "Distinction" in English literature speaks Zulu as a primary language! Reflecting the scope of his interests and abilities, Brian also successfully completed the University of Cambridge’s Advanced Subsidiary Level and Advanced Level examinations in Math, Business Studies, Design and Technology.

A Finance and Economics major at Iona College, Brian was an "A" student who was honored with a Victor Menezes Endowed Scholarship and the Distinguished Hagan School of Business Award. His scholarship and leadership were further recognized by election to the Golden Key International Honor Society and by his cum laude college graduation.

Brian is that rare individual who is distinguished professionally, academically, on the athletic field, and by the quality of his relationships. He recognizes that practical questions require practical answers, yet hold inside of themselves the possibility of a journey toward greater understanding.