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When Zusia's® Service Referral Center opens in a few months, Gold Members will receive immediate access to our company's certified Service Providers .You'll pay less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee from your favorite restaurant for "vetted" referrals to participating Service Providers. Each Service Provider is personally selected to meet your needs and fulfill your wishes.

We want all of our company's resources to be free or easily affordable. So, for less than 70¢ daily ($4.85/weekly), Zusia's® Gold members receive referrals to personal services offered by "vetted" service providers. Credentials are documented, references confirmed, personal interviews completed, and background checks conducted.

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Zusia's® commitment to Gold Members doesn't end with the successful completion of our 10 stage assessment process for Service Providers. Our commitment doesn't end with our personal referrals. Not even a Gold Member's complete satisfaction ends our commitment! If you decide to employ a Service Provider, we keep ongoing contact with that person through our company's free education program. All participating Service Providers participate in an education program that focuses on issues of disability and provision of service. The content of this program is developed by our CEO, Dr. Jackie Volk. Our goal, as always, is to optimize standards of service, and to ensure that services are delivered with a respectful attitude in a dignified environment .

No matter how many services you want, Gold Membership will "vet" the Service Providers and provide the referrals. You can ask us for special services if you don't see what you want among the hundreds of services offered by our Service Referral Center. We'll search for free! We've provided a special request form to make it easy for you to tell us what you need. gold membership
Gold Membership is the pot of gold at the end of our membership rainbow! You can register when the Service Referral Center opens. Click here if you want priority notification.



PayPal process all payments to Zusia®. Their standards are your assurance that your payment information has the highest available level of security .