Service Providers

Our evaluation is conducted without charge to you or to the service provider candidate for Zusia's® certification.

Our goal is to ensure the excellence of our services. Zusia's® assessment process for Service Providers is long. It’s hard. And that’s the way we want it to be.

Zusia® evaluates a candidate's communication skills, social skills, persistence, reliability, and organizational ability. We learn about personal attributes, like sensitivity and honesty, from reference checks and interviews. Each candidate's work history is investigated through multiple, independent sources.

Zusia® connects with potential Service Providers through the standard venues. However, unlike other companies, Zusia® investigates each candidate's qualifications before a candidate is invited to submit a complete application. A successful candidate receives an application form only after completing 7 of the 10 stages of Zusia's® assessment process.

There are 10 steps on Zusia's® path toward certification as a Service Provider. If you want to learn more about our company’s standards, and the diligence of our Service Providers, read the summary of our application process below. If you want to review Zusia's® application form (100+ questions!), skip ahead to the link in "Stage 10". We believe that Zusia's® assessment process is the most selective in the country.


  Unlike other companies, Zusia's® commitment to our Silver and Gold Members doesn't end with your membership. 

Each Service Provider is required to maintain their certification through successful participation in Zusia's® ongoing education program. These seminars concern disability issues within the context of service provision. Zusia® wants its certified Service Providers to understand the meaning of respectfull service.


Our Assessment Process Insures your satisfaction
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
A potential Service Provider submits a form with information about: references, residence, communication equipment, legal eligibility to work. Note:This form can be found under “Application” at the top of Zusia's® website, and is identified as “Step #1 in our Application Process”. A candidate’s verbal and social skills are evaluated in a telephone interview. A candidate submits an English writing sample on the topic of motivation in becoming a Service Provider. The references for each candidate are checked. A background investigation of each candidate is conducted,and the results are reviewed.
Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 8 Stage 9 Stage 10
Each candidate is personally interviewed. Note: If a candidate’s background investigation reveals a history of positive behavior, and the candidate receives excellent references, completes successful telephone and personal interviews, demonstrates positive social skills, offers evidence of competence in verbal and written English, and handles all aspects of the assessment process in an honest, diligent and reliable manner… The candidate receives an invitation to complete a formal application for affiliation as a Service Provider with Zusia® . Zusia's® formal application is completed by the candidate after a personal interview, and is reviewed .Note: Both the preliminary application form (Stage #1) and the formal application (Stage #8) must be successfully completed by all of Zusia's® candidates. All documents and information about a candidate are reconsidered during the 9th stage.If the candidate’s qualifications and behavior are consistent with Zusia® standards, and all available documents and other information support this evaluation, Zusia® offers the candidate an opportunity to become a certified Service Provider.Gold Members receive referrals to certified Service Providers. Zusia's® concern for standards does not end with the successful completion of our assessment process. Consistent participation in the education program conducted by Zusia® is a requirement for association with the company as a certified Service Provider. Our education program is conducted without charge to our Gold Members and Service Providers. If you’re interested in viewing our application form for Service Providers, please click English or Spanish
Certified Service Providers are assessed by Zusia®, but are not employed by the company. Service Providers are employed by those individuals who hold Gold Membership in Zusia®. Gold Members and Service Providers have the freedom to directly determine all issues related to the provision of service. These issues include, but are not limited to, the nature of the job, fees, and work schedules.
Zusia Service Providers are Verified