Geoffrey is responsible for the development, operation and security of our company’s communication systems. He resolves short-term technical problems and maps the path to our long-term communication goals. Experienced in computer assistive technology, Geoffrey ensures the effective function of our communication equipment for people with disabilities.

Geoffrey came to Zusia as the founder of a technology solutions company. He is experienced with the communication issues that confront adults and children with disabilities and, also, with the hardware and software solutions offered by assistive equipment. Geoffrey is distinguished by his successful development of computer networks for people with medical and physical disabilities, and for people with hearing and vision loss. He has devised systems of instruction for children and adults that have been instrumental in their successful leaps over technical barriers to computer communication.

A “wunderkind” who started his first computer company as a teenager, Geoffrey is a graduate of New York’s St. Joseph College with a B.A. in Computer Information Systems. Although Geoffrey entered the computer field with traditional credentials, he has pursued his interest in the disability community and gained remarkable experience. Geoffrey is a trainer for Therapy Dog International.