John, our talented Applications Developer, makes it possible for you to use your Android or IOS mobile device to communicate with Zusia. You can reach us from anyplace in the country that’s not under water!

Passion and technology may appear to be contradictory but, to the good fortune of the disability community, John is passionately techy. A merit scholarship winner and college student with a keen interest in the technological aspects of communication, John‘s knowledge of management information systems developed through the traditional curriculum.

Unexpectedly, John’s interest in communication systems was enhanced by h​is involvement with the American Cancer Society and other activities that focus upon the needs of people with acute and chronic medical illness. As an active participant in Project Brother of Iona College's Catholic community, John developed relationships with elderly Christian Brothers. Many of these Brothers live with physical disability, and some have communication disabilities. Through his interaction with the physically frail Brothers, John intuitively recognized the intense, universal need for relationship. And, through research in application development and modification, John recognized the potential of coding as a language of communication for people with disabilities.

John considers coding and communication to be integral components of a functional unit that facilitates relationships. His goal as Zusia’s Application Developer is to ensure easy and effective communication via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and to develop modifications for those individuals whose disabilities preclude conventional communication.

Awake at 2 am and want to read a BlogSearch article? Need a last-minute appointment with a trusted service provider? Want to reach the community forum with an important issue, or reach a community friend with an important feeling? You can do all of this, and more, from a convenient mobile app…thanks to John Goggin!