Kyu Lee

A graduate of the University of Notre Dam and a candidate for the 2016 degree of Juris Doctor at Boston College Law School,Kyu is experienced in the provision of resources to people with disabilities and to members of other under-serviced communities. Kyu's focused approach and practical skills developed during his work as a Clinical Fellow at the Minkwon Center.  Minkwon is a community advocacy organization that facilitates access to resources for American immigrants from Asian countries who confront barriers of language, income, culture and age.

     Kyu recognizes the critical role of research in the acquisition of knowledge, including the identification of government, philanthropic and commercial resources. Kyu conducted legal research and drafted legal memoranda as an intern in the New York State Supreme Court 9th Judicial District. He gained further research experience during an internship in a private law firm, examining statutes and cases that are relevant to issues of economic development, regulation and reform. This firm is recognized for its contributions to residential living communities for Seniors, including those with dementia who require memory support and other kinds of specialized care.

Kyu attributes his interest in disability issues to early experiences in a faith-based community organization for people with disabilities. While attending a school for academically gifted students, New York’s Stuyvesant High School, Kyu volunteered as a tutor for children with developmental delays.Many of these youngsters were members of communities that  experience discrimination on the basis of race, economic class, and disability status.Kyu’s relationships with his young students evolved into an enduring commitment to the process of legal representation for people who are marginalized.

Kyu, who is fluent in English and Korean, is a leader in his academic and ethnic communities. In 2011, Kyu was elected the Vice President of Notre Dame’s Korean Students Association.  Currently, Kyu serves as the Public Affairs Chairman of the Asian Pacific American Law School.