Dr. Jackie’s Later Understandings

Practical resources have been a critical factor in the transformation of my dreams into reality. I’m a wife, mother, clinical psychologist, communications consultant, human rights advocate and now the CEO of Zusia®. I’m also a person who lives with chronic medical illness and health-related disability. My limitations are as real as my accomplishments.

Much of my good fortune is the result of plain, old-fashioned luck. However, there’s another reason for my success; I know where to find the resources I need. I’ve found accurate information to guide my decisions, and first-rate services to diminish the practical burdens of disability. I wish that I could share my good fortune with you, but luck is random and can’t be shared. Resources can be shared, however, and that’s what I do through my company. Zusia® reaches out to people with medical illness and disability and, also, to those who care for us through personal and professional bonds.


I introduced myself to you by acknowledging my limitations as well as my accomplishments. Both aspects of my experience are real and integral to my identity. My achievements do not suggest that I have transcended my limitations. Rather, I believe that I have been transformed by my limitations.

There are signposts on the paths of life that are written in the language of our personal experience. If recognized, these signposts can help us to choose a meaningful direction. Physical illness has been a signpost on my journey. Paradoxically, disability has empowered me by guiding me toward this company. I hope that, through the persona of Zusia®, you will also feel empowered. I hope that you will find resources that ease your burdens and help you to realize your dreams.

Zusia® represents more than a corporation to me. It represents more than the knowledge I have wrested from my suffering. Zusia® represents my belief in possibility.

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