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Accessible services, useful products and reliable Service Providers can help people with disabilities to live full and balanced lives. These resources also lighten the loads that are faithfully carried by family members and employed caretakers. Medical professionals now have a centralized database of resources for their patients. These resources can facilitate a patient's compliance with treatment and enhance their quality of life.In addition to referrals to Zusia's®  certified Service Providers, Gold Members receive the many free resources that are offered to our Silver Members:

  • free mobile app
  • free personal research searches
  • free guidebooks
  • free newsletters
  • free research literature articles.

Zusia® offers Gold Members a free mobile app so they can easily communicate with Service Providers.Appointments for personal service can be scheduled from any location, at the Gold Member's convenience.

Free resources include our BlogSearch. We post articles about the lives of people who live with disability, and review the disability research literature. You can also participate in free, ongoing discussions—or start a discussion of special interest to you—through our Community Forum. Take a look at the Featured Service page for detailed information about resources that are important to people with disabilities.Each week, you'll find new information about a helpful service. We want the people who represent our company to be respectful, and sensitive to the realities of life with disability. When compared to people who do not have disabilities, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that people with disabilities are four times more likely to recall being treated badly by their healthcare providers. And so, all of our affiliated Service Providers receive free,on-going education about disability issues. All of our company's employees receive an identical education. Our standards distinguish us from all other American companies. Zusia® not only "goes the extra mile" to provide skilled and courteous service—we set the standard for qualification in the race!


Yes, you’ve found a different kind of company!

what you need gold membership provides unlimited referrals to hundreds of practical services
for less than you’d pay for a new CD or a popular coffee drink. ($4.85/ weekly)! And, unlike other companies, our commitment to you doesn’t end with your membership. We work a lot harder. Vetted Service Providers participate in our company’s free, ongoing education program. Our program shares knowledge about the provision of service to people with disabilities. We want your Service Providers to offer you more than first-rate skills. We want your Service Providers to be compassionate, and to communicate their respect for your dignity and your authority.
silver membership is free, and reflects our commitment to accessible information.
BlogSearch reviews research about disability and discusses issues in brief, clearly written articles. Our articles are regularly posted. Complete articles are posted weekly, and excerpts are posted daily. For those of you who are particularly busy, we offer a summary at the top of each article. No one is left behind! Take a look at BlogSearch if you want Dr. Jackie to introduce you to this new form of communication in a brief video.We welcome personal requests for reviews of the research literature as part of our Silver Membership. If we select a question or issue that you submit, we’ll review the relevant research and publish our response. You'll receive a copy of the article with a personal message from Dr. Jackie. And, unlike other companies, we'll happily work for free.Free guidebooks and newsletters are sent to Silver Members.We focus upon issues and information that is significant to members of the disability community. Our free Silver Membership is also your passport to our Community Forum, an interactive social community for people with functional limitations and disabilities, and for those who share bonds with us. You can confidently express your concerns, ask questions, and raise challenging issues. We hope that you'll introduce yourself to the members of our Community. We think that our members are the real "experts" in medical illness and disability—the people who live with these realities! Join in an ongoing discussion, or start one of your own.
Here’s another difference between our company and others; a person with medical illness and physical disability sets company policy. Dr. Jackie Volk is our company’s CEO. Her professional knowledge comes from a university, but her knowledge of disability comes from a very different source— her personal life.Dr. Jackie is a cancer survivor who uses a wheelchair. If you’re interested, you can learn more about Dr. Jackie’s experience with illness and disability —and the rest of her interesting life.If you want to meet Dr. Jackie via video, take a look at our company. Yes, you’ve found a different kind of company! Read our testimonials to learn what people think about the Zusia®. By the way, unlike other companies, the people who give us positive testimonials are unpaid and unknown to us—not a friend or a relative amongst them, not a penny paid to "reviewers" or anyone else.