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Zusia Owl

Introduction To Zusia®


Zusia® is the first American corporation to provide comprehensive resources to people who contend with disability and medical illness. These resources extend beyond standard domestic, occupational and professional services to include intellectual material that is derived from research.

The company’s BlogSearch is a unique form of public communication that is published online. Created by the company’s founder and CEO, Dr. Jacquelyn Volk. BlogSearch integrates the personal experience of people with disability (Blog) with empirical research data (Search). Each BlogSearch is a brief, focused statement that communicates complex concepts in accessible language.

Dr. Volk is a clinical psychologist and human rights advocate who is personally familiar with the realities of chronic illness and disability.Ill since childhood, Dr. Volk is an adult cancer survivor with disability. She lives with carcinoid syndrome, a rare type of neuro-endocrine tumor.

Zusia® is distinguished by the scope and quality of its resources---and by Dr. Volk, who runs her unique company from a wheelchair.

Look under our website’s “About” tab for more information about our company’s function, purpose and CEO.


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