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“Even if a farmer intends to loaf, he gets up in time to get an early starts.”, remarked the 20th century journalist, Edgar Howe. Mr. Howe might be pleased to learn that it’s now possible for heavy sleepers to schedule wake-up phone calls to their land phone or cell phone.Reminders can be requested about almost any aspect of our lives, ranging from a doctor’s appointment to our latest New Year’s resolution. Some services are devoted exclusively to birthday reminders. One service will nag you about your obligations at frequent but unpredictable intervals! Needless to say, these services use the information that we give them, and can be controlled---and stopped! --- by us.

Membership in companies that provide reminder services usually means that information reliably arrives by phone, web and mobile communications that now include iPhones and iPads. Messages are delivered by voice, text and email, singly or in combination. Some reminder services will communicate with multiple members of a group. Although there may be no charge for the service, your mobile phone contract may include charges for SMS messages.

Rarely, the friendly voice of an anonymous speaker can still be heard, but personal service has been largely replaced by computer software in professional offices and in private homes. When away from home or the office, the software can be easily controlled by a laptop or by any available internet connection. Reminder services can be an effective prompt for people with health-related disabilities who take medications at scheduled intervals.

For people with disabilities who run businesses or professional practices, scheduling software can be integrated into preexisting scheduling systems, coordinating a wide variety of services from one location. Some of these services include reminders about appointments, issues of concern, and outstanding bills.

Punctuality is important in social, business and professional relationships. Reminder services can be helpful.
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