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Assistive technology facilitates self-maintenance, socialization, education, and work for people with disabilities. When possible, assistive devices are used in environments that have been built or modified to remove structural barriers. In addition to the prosthetics, orthotics, mobility aides, adaptive furniture and daily living aids that are easily recognized, assistive technology includes recreational equipment,environmental controls, sensory aids, computer access aides and augmentative communication.

Assistive devices help with cleanliness, dressing, and eating. For example, hygiene can be aided by no-rinse body/ hair cleaning solutions, electric toothbrushes, and combs/ brushes with long handles. A person with balance and/or mobility problems may be able to use a bathroom that has shower chairs with transfer benches, hand-held shower heads, and grab bars that are located on shower stall walls and next to the toilet. Independent dressing may become possible with the availability of zipper pulls, Velcro tabs, elastic shoelaces, and pulls for socks and panty hose. Kitchen devices that minimize wrist motion, hand movement and forearm strength can aid in meal preparation and eating. These assistive devices include electric can openers, rocker knives, and lightweight, easily gripped silverware and cookware.


Heart rate/blood pressure monitors and medication dispensers are examples of assistive devices that are designed for the management of health problems.Sensors can be used to detect falls in people with cardiac problems or wandering in people with dementia. Home health monitors provide the automatic, dual-channel communication that summons help and enables communication during an emergency.

Motorized scooters and electric wheelchairs facilitate mobility. Following assessment by an occupational therapist, driving may become possible with aids such as hand controls and low-energy steering wheels.

Assistive technology enhances the safety, comfort and function of people with disabilities and their caretakers. Quality of life can be dramatically improved, and society benefits from the productivity of people with disabilities.
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