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BBQ is a great way for people with disabilities to bring family and friends together. A BBQ meal combines the security of a familiar home environment with the flexibility of movement that can enhance socialization. Food that is grilled outdoors on a hot summer day can be eaten under a tree or in an air conditioned kitchen or dining room. The proximity of a kitchen allows a homemaker with a disability to show off his or her grilling technique while side dishes are more easily prepared and plated in the kitchen. The trick to BBQ gatherings is to anticipate movement.For example, a table that is placed in a shady area must be accessible to family and guests who use assistive equipment for mobility. Assistive eating plates, utensils and cups, if needed, should be provided with standard supplies.

BBQ appears to have originated in the Caribbean, but the tradition of BBQ in our country began on the western trail during the late 1800's. Cowboys were given inexpensive, tough meat that was tenderized by hours of cooking on wood at low temperatures. BBQ remains a popular cooking technique for meat that is also used for vegetables, fruits and fish.

There are different approaches to the cooking techniques called "BBQ", including grilling, smoking, roasting and braising. There are also difference in the foods, fuels and sauces that are identified with BBQ. Many of these differences are regional, including the spelling of "barbeque". Despite the many differences, BBQ remains popular. In response to the popularity of BBQ, adaptive BBQ tools have been developed. These tools are particularly helpful to people with mobility disabilities, physical disabilities and coordination impairment that involve hands and arms.An electric BBQ grill with a central pedestal has been designed specifically for people who use a wheelchair.Other adaptive tools include:

    • tongs, basting brushes and spatulas with long, silicone handles
    • loops and hooks to hold cooking utensils in accessible positions
    • spring-operated tongs
    • non-slip cooking supplies including bowls, platters, and trivets


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