Brass Polishing

Brass Polishing
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Brass Polishing

Housekeepers will expertly polish by hand, leaving a gleaming surface on your brass bronze and other metals. Our referrals to hard working Service Providers will make things easier for you.

The molecular composition of metals varies, giving each metal different qualities and a distinctive appearance.Our certified housekeepers know what cleaning materials to choose. They are familiar with commercial products, and some are experienced with home-made polishing techniques. Your grandmother will be proud of her silver coffee service! Gold, copper, stainless steel and pewter will receive the same meticulous attention.

Certified Service Providers help homemakers with disabilities to meet their standards for home maintenance. The Disability Know-It-All can refer you to full-time housekeepers and part-time maids. Certified Service Providers are available to do your shopping. There are Service Providers who can run last minute errands. Need a cook for healthy meals or a party? Want to do Spring Cleaning in February? Is it time to clean your closets? The Disability Know-It-All will refer you to Service Providers who can make your home more comfortable and attractive. Need help with organization? We certify Service Providers who function with the precision of a clock---and can teach you their techniques!When you want to relax, the Disability Know-It-All can refer you to licensed massage therapists, including those who specialize in medical massage. Our hair stylists and manicurists will come to your home, as do all of our Service Providers.

Metals can be harmed by improper polishing, so it is important that your polisher be experienced with specific metals.Here are a few tips about polishing that are generally useful:

    • clean and dry before you polish, using non-abrasive cleaning solutions and soft clothes that do not have labels and sewn edges
    • hand polishing does not remove scratches from a metal surface
    • spray a mist of water on the metal's surface before buffing the surface for a final time


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