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Car lifts are used for travel wheelchairs and scooters, full size wheelchairs and scooters, and high weight wheelchairs and scooters. These lifts operate like miniature elevators, loading and unloading assistive equipment from sedans, full-size vans, minivans, trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles.Lifts are manually powered, wired to a car’s battery, or powered by electricity and hydraulics. Some models have a battery pack option that will re-charge your mobility vehicle from the lift as you drive. Electric lifts can be very easy to use. A touch to a button, or the insertion of a key, can lower and raise a lift over tailgates and bumpers, and then retract the platform or fold it away. Electric lifts are usually accompanied by manual backup equipment that can be used in case of power outage.

Rotary wheelchair lifts, also known as swing lifts, are commonly found in vans that are designed to be accessible. Swing lifts accomplish movement in and out of a vehicle as well as up and down for people who use wheelchairs. People with disability can be loaded and unloaded from a vehicle while safely seated on a stable platform in a wheelchair or a scooter.

Medicare does not cover expenses for car lifts which can range from approximately $400 to $4,000. The least expensive option is an inclined ramp that allows a wheelchair or scooter to be manually rolled up and down. In selecting a lift, it’s important to deal with a reliable and experienced vendor who, if you choose, can make arrangements for professional installation. Expert installation is particularly helpful when the towing hitch is attached to the chassis of the car. Installation must comply with municipal and state laws.

Request a price for installation before you finalize your arrangements for purchase. Review the terms of a warranty that protects against manufacturing defects.. Standard safety features for a lift include safety straps, railings and a non-slip platform.

Before you begin shopping, be certain that you know the information that is necessary for the best selection. This information includes: mobility device type, mobility device make, mobility device model, mobility device manufacturer, car model, car make, car model year, body style and hitch type. Following installation, it may be necessary to move the car’s license with a re-locator kit.

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