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There are different kinds of roofs, and the roofer selected for your home should be experienced with the construction and maintenance of the roof you have chosen. Defective roofs are difficult for a homeowner to assess, and are a frequent source of interior damage. Such damage threatens the economic and physical welfare of all homeowners.  People with physical disabilities are particularly vulnerable to injuries that occur from falls caused by debris and water on their floors.

Roofers are responsible for the installation, certification and repair of roofs. A knowledgeable roofer can help a homeowner identify the best materials for new construction.

Some roofers are journeymen who have completed a formal apprenticeship that is sponsored by the “United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers”.  Most roofers learn on the job. References are important and, because roofs differ in style and materials, it is important to learn whether or not a prospective roofer is experienced with your type of roof.

Skilled roofers are important to people with disabilities because roof defects are a common source of serious damage. Roof damage is the problem that is most frequently documented during home inspections for mortgages or insurance policies. Water damage as a result of roof leaks is a frequent basis for insurance claims by homeowners.

Roof inspections are particularly important for people with disabilities. Less than half of all roof defects are observable from street level.  This means that an attentive homeowner who is standing on his/her lawn, or seated in a wheelchair, can never be certain that his/her roof is intact. It is a rare individual with physical disability who is going to go up a ladder to get a better look! People with physical disability are also vulnerable to more frequent injury as the result of interior damage to their homes. Water and debris can accumulate on floors.

The best time to hire a roofer is before a water stain confirms that you need one!  A structurally secure roof is associated with your home’s economic security.  Most importantly, an intact roof protects the physical welfare of family members, including people with disability. People with physical disability become more vulnerable to falls as the result of the interior debris and slippery puddles of water that can accompany roof damage.



*Service Providers who are certified by the Disability Know-It-All LLC have successfully met the requirements of our assessment process and successfully participate in our company's education program.
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