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Professional organizerscan increase productivity and minimize frustration by creating customized systems of organization in residential and business settings. They work diligently to save us from the clutch of clutter! The market research firm of Harris Interactive reports that almost 1 in 4 Americans incur late fees because they lost their bills. Sample Text --------

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Organizers are able to envision a calm, efficient homes despite the anxiety and discouragement of seriously disorganized homeowners. Professional organizers can reclaim time and comfort in environments that appear to be unmanageable. The U.S. Department of Energy  reports that approximately 25% of people with two car garages don’t have sufficient space to park a single car. It is essential for an organizer to be sensitive to the feelings of their clients , and to recognize the need for a respectful, supportive attitude.  Organizers must also be good teachers who can communicate the principles that underlie their time-management and task-management strategies. For clients, many small steps are essential to the long journey toward organization. Sample text --------------


*Service Providers who are certified by the Disability Know-It-All LLC have successfully met the requirements of our assessment process and successfully participate in our company's education program.
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