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Chair lift recliners are assistive devices that help people with disabilities to rise from a seated position to a standing position and to move from a standing position to a seated position. Electrically powered by a heavy duty motor, many models provide a back-up battery in case of power outage.

Chair lift recliners are used by people who have a wide range of disabilities and impairments. These include:

· Mobility disabilities or impairments

· Acute or chronic illness

· Pain in rising from a seated position

· Inadequate muscle strength for standing and sitting

Multiple sclerosis, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and arthritis are examples of diseases in which a chair lift recliner may enhance function. Chair lift recliners can also be helpful during recovery from surgery or injury.

Chair lift recliners are designed to accommodate the user, and favorite positions can be programmed into a remote control. The recliners come in different sizes for people of different heights and weights, and Medicare approved providers are trained in measurement. Some “wall hugger” models require only 1/3 of the usual space. The angle of incline in a chair lift recliner varies from 45 degree to full recline. A zero-gravity position, where legs are raised above the heart, can be achieved with some models. This position, researched by NASA scientists, is designed to relieve stress on the spine and to increase circulation and lung capacity. In many models, the footrest can be independently adjusted.

Chair lift recliners resemble standard recliners, and can be upholstered in fabric and leather. A trip to a local store can help you to experience different chairs and provide you with swatches of material to take home.


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