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A wide variety of stationary clocks, portable clocks and watches function as assistive devices in a vast variety of daily circumstances.Some clocks have built-in outlets for optional alerting devices

Specialized clocks are particularly helpful for people with sensory disabilities Low vision? There are clocks with adjustable levels of brightness that are available in increasingly large cases and digit sizes. Clocks with auditory output function can announce the time to people who are blind at the push of a big, easily located button. Time-speaking clocks can also be programmed to announce time at intervals as well as the weather. These clocks can present the time through speech without visual display or they can incorporate the visual features of an analog or digital face.

An exceptionally loud alarm may be sufficient to awaken people with hearing loss. An additional outlet in a specialized clock can cause vibration beneath a pillow or mattress that will awaken a soundly sleeping person who is deaf. There are clocks that cause a table lamp to flash strobe lights.

People with intellectual disabilities can keep track of their days with digital clocks These clocks provide orienting information that can reduce anxiety for people with cognitive impairment.Digital clocks tell time in large, clear numbers that can be seen from a distance. They also fully spell out the date and day of the week in words that do not require conversion of numbers and abbreviations.

Clocks with specialized functions are available in a variety of sizes,cases and finishes for your wall, tables and shelves. Specialized clocks with alarms are integrated into wrist watches. Equipment that alerts an individual to dangerous conditions is also integrated into some alarm clocks.

In addition to keeping track of life’s activities, clocks are also used in occupational and physical therapies for adults and children with sensory, intellectual and neurological impairments. Specialized clocks can maintain orientation, develop concepts of time, and be used to develop time management skills.

Clocks are useful for people with disabilities who usually aren’t well served by the last-minute (pun intended!) dash to the door.There’s a clock for you regardless of whether you’re giving the class, taking the class, developing time management skills, or learning the basic concept of time.

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