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Liquors are made from fermented and distilled grains, sugar cane, flowers, herbs, and fruit. Vodka, whiskey, rum, brandy and tequila are some of our most popular liquors, but speak with your doctor before you begin recreational research! The research is complex.For example, much research concludes that moderate amounts of red wine can be helpful in heart disease.  However, the American College of Cardiology recently published (2014) the results of Swedish research that correlates small to moderate amounts of red wine and liquor with the development of a dangerous heart problem, atrial fibrillation.

Vodka is a liquor with a neutral flavor. It is produced through the fermentation of corn, rye wheat and barley and, occasionally, potatoes and beets. Drunk "straight up" or in cocktails,    charcoal distillation is the basis of vodka's subtle flavor

Bourbon, Canadian whiskey and scotch are popular whiskeys. Bourbon is made from corn that is grown in Kentucky and elsewhere in the American South.Canadian whiskey is also  made from corn and, in smaller quantities, wheat, rye and barley. Peat fires dry Scotland's barley,  giving Scotch its distinct taste. Single- malt scotch, unlike blended scotch,  is made in a single distillery from a single grain----barley grown in Scotland's Lowlands, Highlands, Campbeltown or Islay.

Rum, made from tropical sugar cane and sugar cane molasses, varies in color and flavor. The lighter rums often contain spices and fruit juice. Color is added to amber/gold rum.The pronounced taste of dark rum is the result of aging in wooden barrels.

Tequila is made from the Mexican botanical agavacea (agave). Its color darkens and its distinct taste becomes  more mellow as it ages in oak barrels.

Fruit juice is brandy's foundation. Calvados is made from the apples of Normandy, France. Peaches and apricots are often used in brandy from Eastern Europe. Brandy is sometimes named for the geographical region from which its fruits are selected. For example, Cognac's Ugni Blanc grapes come from the Cognac region of southeastern France, while Armagnac's grapes are grown in the French vineyards of  Armagnac.

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