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The world's oldest known rug,the Pazyryk carpet, was woven more than 4,000 years ago and frozen in Siberia's ice. The rug's vibrant color and complex pattern were preserved. Modern rugs incorporate the color and pattern that ancient weavers valued. A rug is a distinctive visual element, subtly or boldly defining the space in which it is placed. Rugs can integrate different colors in a room or provide visual contrast.

Rugs are created from natural fibers of wool, silk, jute and cotton. Synthetic materials include nylon, polyester, olefin and acrylic. Safety is a critical factor in the selection and installation of rugs. All rugs should be stable and securely attached to the floor with trim that covers the rug's edges. The height of the rug's pile should be less than 1/2". The impact of assistive equipment deserves consideration. For example, damage to the most securely placed rug can create a hazardous tear for a person who uses a walker.Elderly people, people with visual disabilities, and people with mobility disabilities are particularly vulnerable to falls.

Accent rugs---also known as throw rugs and scatter rugs----are smaller in size than area rugs. Although accent rugs are commonly used in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers them a potential hazard, and recommends their removal from the homes of people who are vulnerable to falls. Alternatively, the CDC suggests that throw rugs be secured by non-slip tape or non-slip backing.

Area rugs can be custom made in any size, and this is the preferable but more expensive option. The standard sizes of manufactured area rugs are 3'X5',4'X 6', 5'X8", 7"X10", 8'X11' and 9"X12". The 6'X9' area rug has been largely replaced. Area rugs are commonly used as visual anchors for groupings of furniture such as a couch, chairs and side tables. There are no hard and fast rules to the placement of rugs and furniture, with one exception: in order to ensure the physical stability of a chair at the dining room table, the rug should be large enough to allow all legs of the chair to remain on the rug when the chair is extended for seating.

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