Finding Our Resources


Zusia® is distinguished by research concepts that guide its selection of resources. Our CEO, Dr. Jackie Volk, was trained in research as a doctoral student at Northwestern University Medical School. You can listen to Dr. Jackie discuss the significance of research within the context of her BlogSearch.

Dr. Jackie understands that good information is the foundation for good resources, and has created the policies that guide Zusia® in its investigation of resource quality. Objective information allows us to identify high quality resources.

Zusia's® standards are different from other companies that provide referrals to services. In selecting Service Providers for certification, Zusia® considers respect for individual differences to be as important as technical ability.Disability should never compromise an individual's personal dignity.

Unlike other companies, Zusia® won’t offer you a referral to a resource until data convinces us that it is worthwhile.Many companies rely upon “consumer feedback”--- the personal opinions of customers--- as their sole source of information concerning quality. Zusia® welcomes consumer feedback as one source of information, but does not ignore other sources. Zusia® uses multiple and independent sources to actively search for additional information. If there’s a problem, we want to learn about it before our customers tell us!

"Good resources can be the critical difference, for a person with disability, between living a life of unwanted dependence and living a life that you create for yourself."

Safety and function are priorities when Zusia® assesses material resources. However, once data provides assurance about practical issues, Zusia® searches for attractive alternatives. People with disability have a right to be appropriately groomed and dressed in all environments and on all occasions. Zusia® provides referrals to personal shoppers, tailors, and clothing designers. These talented people will come to your home with their equipment and your preference in fabric. (Yes, hospital gowns can be made to cover your rear!) A home can be---and should be--- attractive as well as safe. Properly installed grab bars, for example, don’t have to make your bathroom look like you live in a federal prison! Zusia® can refer you to a selection of elegant finishes, and can also refer you to certified Service Providers who are experienced in safe installation. See our Service Referral Center for a variety of personal services. We hope they bring you pleasure and comfort as well as security.
If you need help, Zusia® will never just hand you a list. Zusia's® affiliated Service Providers are carefully screened, and educated about disability issues through our company's regular, free seminars. Zusia's® education program was developed to enhance the attuned response of certified Service Providers to the needs and circumstances of people with disabilities. The goal of Zusia's® Service Providers is optimal service to the employer---in every instance, an individual with disability.