Our Resources

If you need a resource, we're confident that you will easily find it through Zusia®. There’s a simple reason for our confidence: we’re the only American company to offer comprehensive and centrally organized resources to people with disabilities.

We are also the only American company to require its employees and certified Service Providers to successfully participate in an on-going education program. This program consists of on-going seminars that address disability issues and the respectful provision of service.

Zusia® believes that successful companies are communal resources. Financial profit is a legitimate goal of business, but corporations can transcend their revenues through policies, services and products that have social value. In order to achieve this goal, Zusia® provides high quality resources that are either affordable or free.

Although we can’t control the policies and prices of independent business owners, Zusia® hopes that its standards will serve as a model.

Zusia® modest prices create meaningful access to our resources. These resources include low-cost referrals to personal services through our Service Referral Center. Referrals to our "vetted" Service Providers cost less than 70 cents daily ($4.85 /weekly), what you might pay for a cup of coffee.

Practical resources can determine opportunity for people with disability, forming an essential link between: love and relationships, talent and creative expression, financial obligations and financial security. Regardless of the strength of your mind and character, you’re going nowhere —literally and figuratively— unless you can manage your body and your environment. We hope that our resources help you to comfortably maintain yourself and your home and then, if you wish, to move beyond these priorities to a larger world.

  Serving as a bridge between need and satisfaction, resources diminish the hardship of disability and enhance the quality of life. Dr. Jackie speaks about the role of resources in her struggle with disability.  

Resources can liberate people with disability from a daily struggle with routine activities and empower them to invest their energy in relationships, interests and work. Resources help people with disability to bear the weight of their burdens while they move toward their hopes.