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Our  Community Forum and BlogSearch are the foundation of Silver Membership, and these resources are offered to you without cost. Zusia® believes that everyone has a right to an accessible social community and to information about significant issues.

BlogSearch (blog/research) discusses personal experiences of medical illness and disability within the context of research. Our CEO, Dr. Jackie Volk, uses her professional education to transform complex information from high-quality research sources into posts that are easy to read. You get all of the research results with none of the aggravation!

Zusia® also selects topics submitted to us by Silver Members who have personal interests. If Zusia® selects your subject, we’ll research and post our conclusions without cost or obligation to you. You’ll also receive a free, personal copy of the BlogSearch that is signed by Zusia's® CEO, Dr. Jackie Volk.

As a Silver Member, you can also receive free newsletters. Our goal is to provide you with practical information that can enhance your daily life, and to facilitate dialogue about issues that are important to the disability community.

Zusia's® Community Forum is also free. You can participate in this safe and transparent space through ongoing discussions. If you have a special interest or concern, you can begin your own conversation.

Sign up for a free account today and begin reading Dr. Jackie's BlogSearch. Let us know if you'd like us to research a topic that's important to you. As a Silver Member, you'll receive our services for free.

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