Your Opinions On Our Ideas For A Unique Company

(Yes, We Asked What You Thought in 2013 Before We Launched And We Were Guided By Your Response)

"… opinions in good men is but knowledge in the making."John Milton,1644
Awesome Company 


Awesome Company
"I am a caregiver for my mother. Her needs are forever growing as she ages. As an adult with a family myself, it is very difficult to be a full time caregiver and maintain a family myself. (Zusia®) serves as a company that can reduce a burden on that busy caregiver." -Raffaele C.-(2013) "Great ideas...Much safer... (Zusia®) has a strong foundation of care for the disabled community..."-Robert H.-(2013) "Great idea...it's important to be there for for people who can't be there for themselves. The disabled community is one of the most vulnerable demographics there is." -Kyle G.-(2013) "(Zusia®) would have been helpful to us as the children of an individual with disabilities. It is not easy to maintain your lifestyle as an adult as well as have peace of mind…”-Fran H.-(2013)

"...At first I was skeptical. But now I feel like(Zusia®) is a noteworthy company with excellent credentials."-Michelle- (2013) "I am a nurse. I am aware of how difficult it can be to find secure service providers for the disabled..." -Shayna C.-         (2013) (Zusia®) is a safer way to go about finding useful services for the disabled." -Bruce D.-            (2013) "…helpful to me as an individual who works with disabled people. I know their demands." -Michael H.-(2013)

"Great idea!...the 10 step process (will assure) quality service providers."-Jason C-   (2013) "I think  (Zusia®)would be a helpful service. It is difficult to find adequate services for the disabled."-Michael D.-(2013) "...(Zusia®) verifies everything to ensure that you know who you are dealing with. Kevin          K.-(2013)                                             "It's reassuring to know that there are still people who look out for the disabled community."-Michael D.-(2013)

"...(Zusia®) makes it organized to identify and locate services." -Aaron D.-(2013) "The need is growing for helpful services for the disabled...I want to feel safe..." -Kevin P.-(2013) "Caregiving is hard enough. (Zusia) could help eliminate the additional burdens."-Gregory B-(2013) "Great idea!...the 10 step process (will assure) quality service providers."-Jason C.- (2013)

"Great idea, especially for people who don't have family to help them (and) are unfamiliar with the Internet." -Anne C.-(2013) "...a high quality idea. Disabled people are left with nowhere to turn to get adequate services." -Preston H.-(2013) "Very helpful idea. It takes a lot of time to complete simple, necessary tasks..." -Corey V.-(2013) "As an employed caregiver...I am just grateful there are companies offering more secure options for the elderly and disabled."-Linda C.-(2013)

I had a difficult time finding specific services for my Great Aunt. Balancing work, school and caregiving was a difficult task and it would have been helpful to have a helping hand.-Jennifer P.-(2013) "...helpful, especially for people who aren't tech savvy and can't do the research to find a reliable service provider." Jackson H.-(2013) "...It seems like you will be getting safer,more reliable searches and referrals." -Daniel R.-(2013) "Great ideas...Much safer... (Zusia) has a strong foundation of care for the disabled community..."-Robert H.-(2013)