Tim's research is distinguished by a history of academic achievement, a passion for justice, and understanding of the raw realities of hardship as encountered by people with disabilities.

In his role as a Trial Preparation Assistant in the New York County District Attorney's Office, Tim has facilitated the legal representation of victims of violence, including people with disabilities.

Committed to excellence, Tim is a focused, detail oriented individual who understands that practical realities can have a disproportionately large impact the lives of people with disabilities. Experienced with the administration of insurance claims that are based upon disability, Tim's caseload in a private law firm included more than 750 clients with disability claims for medical and monetary benefits.  Some of these claims are associated with 9/11 first responder status.

Tim is recognized for his scholarship and, in college, was awarded a merit scholarship that led to a B.A. in Criminal Justice. During college,Tim served as an intern in the Superior Court of Providence, Rhode Island. He graduated from Iona College as a member of the Dean’s Honor Roll.

Tim is an advocate for the real people behind impersonal statistics, individuals who might otherwise be represented only by research data and information found in their medical and legal documents.