Are there differences between Zusia’s® resources and resources from other companies?

Yes.  There's a huge difference. Zusia’®is, to our knowledge, the only American company to offer comprehensive resources to people with medical illness and disabilities. You'll find carefully researched articles, social community, and hundreds of practical resources. Zusia’s® certified Service Providers successfully participate in a unique, ongoing education program. This program is designed to optimize the reliable and respectful provision of service to people with disability. Objective data stand behind our resources, not personal opinion.  Unlike many other companies, Zusias®  prioritize facts in assessing our resources. Our emphasis upon research means that we can tell the difference between good resources and good advertising. Zusia® values and seeks the opinions of our Members, and we provide them to you.  But, we work hard to "grade" our resources before you reach for a red pencil. If there's a problem, we want it to be identified by Zusia®---first and finally. We don't want you to have a negative experience. Our goal is to present you with resources that receive an "A." 

Are Zusia’s® service referrals intended for people who don’t deal with medical illness and disability?

No. There are plenty of resources available to people who don't confront medical illness and disability. And, it's generally a lot easier for these people to run around and look for what they want!

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