Are there differences in standards between Zusia®and other companies?

Yes. We believe that our standards are higher. Here are some policies and procedures that distinguish Zusia®:
A. Zusia's® resources are either free (Silver Membership) or easily affordable (Gold Membership).

B. For less than the price of a daily cup of coffee, Gold Members have unrestricted access to hundreds of practical resources.

C.Zusia® provides centralized and comprehensive resources for people with disability---information, social community and practical resources.

D. All Service Providers who are affiliated with Zusia® are certified following successful completion of a 10-step assessment process.

E. The structured assessment process for affiliated Service Providers includes:
documentation of legal eligibility for work
documentation of prior employment and references
personal interview(s)
background check by an independent company
documentation of legal status for work and references

F. Successful participation by Zusia's® certified Service Providers in education seminars focused on provision of service to people with disability

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