Can you give me examples of Zusia’s® personal services?

Zusia® offers a multitude of personal services . Here are a examples of what our certified Service Providers will make every effort to do for you:

    • medicine at 3a.m.


    • buy an electric toothbrush and...get a refund from the annoyed store owner when it stops working 2 weeks after you've used it


    • check in with you ---personally /phone /email--to ask what you need and, then, bring it to you


    • write a thank-you note for a gift it for re-gifting!


    • file your medical claims...and fight to win when your claim is rejected


    • stay overnight, or stay over for a few weeks, so your adult children can vacation without worry
    • repair your medical equipment on Sunday


    • cook meals that make you and your doctors happy


    • advocate for your wishes with hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and pharmacies j. run errands


    • be available to you, for any reason, 24/7----including last-minute emergencies  
    • clean and organize your home, shopping from lists that you have approved
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