Can you tell me more about Zusia’s® selection process for personal service providers?

Zusia® assessment process provides objective information about each applicant’s work history. Selection of Zusia's® certified Service Providers is based upon a sequential 10-step process that:

  • obtains objective information about all Service Providers:references, an independent background check, and documentation of legal eligibility for employment


  • includes two structured interviews, by phone and in person


  • requires each Service Provider to successfully participate in Zusia's® ongoing education program, designed to optimize service and enhance sensitivity to issues of disability.

Zusia's® selection process is designed to provide consistently high standards of service and, if successfully completed, leads to certification as an affiliated Service Provider. Maintenance of certification as a Service Provider is contingent upon successful, reliable participation in Zusia's® ongoing education program.

Our education program focuses on provision of gracious, capable service to people with disabilities. And, you can count on us to promptly and attentively respond if---despite our very best efforts!---you experience a problem in your interaction with a certified Service Provider.

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