Does the BlogSearch offer inspirational messages?

No. We hope that our BlogSearch will inspire you to engage in ongoing reflection and discussion. You'll learn about the experiences and perspectives of people with disabilities, including those of Zusia's® CEO, Dr. Jackie. Research data will be discussed in meaningful terms and issues of public policy will be reviewed. You can consider the implications of this material for your own life and, also, for the community of people with disability.  But, you won't find inspirational messages. We believe that access to resources---most particularly, knowledge--- is a priority for people with disability.  If you use a wheelchair and don't own an adapted car, inspiration won't get you to an important appointment. However, practical information about accessible public and private transportation can get you where you want to go. And, if you're late because of a problem with the transportation, knowing where to file a complaint may help to you arrive early the next time!

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