What is a BlogSearch?

The name BlogSearch combines the word "blog" and "(re)search", and is a unique form of communication about medical illness and disability. Zusia's ® BlogSearch communicates “hard” research data in a form that's easy to read. Emphasis in each BlogSearch is upon understanding through the search for knowledge. Our BlogSearchis written by the company's CEO,  Dr. Jackie Volk, who is a clinical psychologist and a cancer survivor with health-related disability.  The demands that disability place upon an individual and family members are known to  Dr. Jackie from her direct experience of these realities and, also, from her professional experiences. Educated in research and statistics at Northwestern University Medical School, Dr. Jackie is trained to perceive meaningful information through a haze of fine print and complicated language. As a result of her leadership, Zusia® has implemented policies and procedures that facilitate the acquisition of information. Zusia's® BlogSearch is a critical resource that represents a commitment to knowledge and to the search for understanding.

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