What is the purpose of Zusia’s® educational seminars for Service Providers?

Zusia's® commitment to our Members does not end at their home's front door, as it does with the service providers who arrive from  many other companies.  We educate Zusia's® certified Service Providers in order to improve the quality of their service. Our focus is on knowledge relevant to the gracious and proficient provision of service to people with disabilities. Despite our company’s high standards and rigorous assessment process, no person or process is perfect.Through the education of Zusia®  affiliated Service Providers, we hope to enhance their service. We also hope to avoid problems by helping our Service Providers to anticipate them. Zusia's® education program is designed to benefit both Members and Service Providers. Education creates opportunities for growth and provides a “reality check” on performance. Zusia's® educational seminars are, to our knowledge, unique. They focus on issues that impact the provision of informed and respectful service to people with disabilities.

Category: Service Referral Center

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