What is the role of member feedback in evaluating Zusia’s® Service Providers?

Like other companies, we request feedback from our Members. However, Zusia® aspires to a higher standard. Each Silver and Gold Member receives personal, individual contact information from one of our Team members in order to to facilitate easy and direct communication with Zusia®. If you have a problem, we want to know. (We also welcome positive reactions!) Unlike other companies, Zusia® doesn’t rely solely on the opinions of members to assess our affiliated Service Providers.  We use independent sources of information to objectively document work histories.  Zusia®  investigates references, legal work status and employment histories. All Zusia® applicants are personally  interviewed and, if successful, complete a formal application with more than 100 questions. Certified Zusia® Service Providers participate, on an ongoing basis, in our company’s education program. Zusia® pursues information about Service Providers from multiple, independent sources. We believe that our comprehensive information creates higher standards of service. A Zusia® Team member also offers each Silver and Gold Member personal contact information in order to ensure easy and effective communication. Zusia® not only goes the extra mile for our Members---we carry you there!

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