What is Zusia®?

Zusia® is the first American company to offer comprehensive resources for people who live with medical illness and disability.Our resources include referral to personal services that make daily life easier and more enjoyable.Zusia's® practical resources are also helpful to family, employed caregivers, and to those who provide professional services.

You'll also have access to Zusia's® BlogSearch, a new source of information that integrates personal experience with disability and research data about disability issues. Each BlogSearch article concerns a subject of importance to the disability community, written in language that can be easily read and understood.

Zusia's® Community Forum offers an opportunity for meaningful interaction to people with disabilities and to those who have an interest in the complex realities of disability. Interactions range from brief, informative communication to personal, evolving relationships.

Zusia® was created from the professional and personal experience of our CEO, Dr. Jackie Volk. Dr. Jackie is a clinical psychologist who served as a municipal human rights commissioner during the two decades that her children grew from infancy to adulthood. Dr. Jackie is also cancer survivor with health-related disability.

As a result of her complex experiences, Dr. Jackie understands the significance of resources---personally, professionally, and as a matter of public policy. Zusia® evolved from this understanding.

Dr. Jackie believes that people with disability deserve access to resources that preserve the quality of their lives and the scope of their function. Despite clear evidence of need , there are comparatively few resources available to people with disabilities. When resources can be identified, it's hard to assess and compare quality because comprehensive resources aren't organized in a central location.

Zusia® offers easy access to high-quality resources that are located together. All of our resources are either affordable or free. Nothing costs more than a daily cup of coffee.

We work hard to optimize the quality of our resources. Zusia® designed a process of structured assessment for Service Providers that is based upon research concepts. and culminates in certification.Following certification, all Service Providers participate in ongoing education seminars. This mandated education program focuses upon disability issues that are relevant to the provision of respectful service.

Zusia's® standards ensure the quality of our practical, social and intellectual resources. We offer our resources to improve the quality of your life

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