What is Zusia’s® Service Referral Center?

 Zusia’s®Service Referral Center gives information about practical resources to people who live with medical illness and disability. Then, Zusia® makes these resources---hundreds of them!---  easily available.

Daily life is more manageable and enjoyable with personal service, and all of Zusia's® referrals are easily affordable. Unrestricted referrals to personal service cost no more than a daily cup of coffee.

Our assessment process is designed to ensure that Zusia’s® certified Service Providers are experienced, reliable and respectful. Legal work status is documented and references are confirmed. All Service Providers complete background checks by an independent company, and Service Providers consent to make this information available to you. You can make arrangements about the services, schedules and fees you prefer directly with your Service Provider.

Zusia® conducts free , ongoing seminars for all certified Service Providers, and successful participation is a prerequisite for maintenance of certification. Zusia's® education program is designed to to enhance knowledge of disability issues related to the provision of service, and sensitivity in responding to these issues. 

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