What We Do

Zusia® provides comprehensive resources for people who live with medical illness and disability. Our resources include Gold Membership referrals to the practical personal service(s) that you'll find in our Service Referral Center.

All of our resources are affordable or free because we believe that a successful company is distinguished by more than its revenues. Low price points act as a financial “ramp” that make our resources accessible.

Zusia's® Service Referral Center identifies skilled Service Providers who are individually evaluated and certified by Zusia®: housekeepers, companions, hair stylists, cooks, carpenters, pet care, party planners, advocates, gardeners, bookkeepers, tailors, personal assistants, medical equipment, personal shoppers, drivers with accessible cars… and many, many more.

In order to maintain standards of excellence, each certified Service Provider participates in Zusia® educational seminars. The goal of these seminars is to increase knowledge of respectful service to people with disabilities.

Zusia® doesn’t show you a list when you need help. In choosing our Service Providers, we don’t rely upon opinions from people who are unknown to us—and to you—to the exclusion of other sources of information. Instead, Zusia® selects Service Providers through a sequential assessment process.

Our assessment process includes customer opinions but, also, investigates multiple and independent sources of information.

Zusia® is distinguished by the quality of its resources, and uses objective information to distinguish good resources from good marketing.

Dr. Jackie Volk speaks about the meaning of research and the use of the BlogSearch as a new tool for communication. People with disabilities often struggle with their circumstances. Routine activities can feel like an uphill sprint—in a race that no one else knows about.

We hope that the resources at Zusia® will diminish your struggles and move you closer to your dreams.




When you contact a Zusia® Service Provider, you can be certain that:          

1. References have been checked   

2. Legal eligibility for work has been documented

3. Personal interviews have been conducted

4. Zusia's® education program is successfully completed on an ongoing basis

In addition to practical services, you will find clearly written information in our BlogSearch. Zusia® believes that information is the strongest foundation for important decisions, and we regularly review the research literature to identify issues and perspectives.